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Broadway Piano Zang Gitaar


9 to 5: The Musical

Around Here (from 9 to 5: The Musical)

Backwoods Barbie (from 9 to 5: The Musical)

Change It (from 9 to 5: The Musical)

Heart To Hart (from 9 to 5: The Musical)

Get Out And Stay Out (from 9 to 5: The Musical)

Here For You (from 9 to 5: The Musical)

I Just Might (from 9 to 5: The Musical)

Let Love Grow (from 9 to 5: The Musical)

Nine To Five (from 9 to 5: The Musical)

One Of The Boys (from 9 to 5: The Musical)

Shine Like The Sun (from 9 to 5: The Musical)

A Bronx Tale

Ain't It The Truth (From a Bronx tale)

Belmont Avenue (From a Bronx tale)

The Choices We Make (From a Bronx tale)

Hurt Someone (From a Bronx tale)

I Like It (From a Bronx tale)

In A World Like This (From a Bronx tale)

Look To Your Heart (From a Bronx tale)

Nicky Machiavelli (From a Bronx tale)

Out Of Your Head (From a Bronx tale)

Roll 'Em (From a Bronx tale)

These Streets (From a Bronx tale)

One Of The Great Ones (From a Bronx tale)

A Chorus Line

At The Ballet (from A Chorus Line)

Dance: Ten; Looks: Three (from A Chorus Line)

Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love (from A Chorus Line)

I Can Do That (from A Chorus Line)

I Hope I Get It (from A Chorus Line)

Music And The Mirror (from A Chorus Line)

Nothing (from A Chorus Line)

One (from A Chorus Line)

Sing! (from A Chorus Line)

What I Did For Love (from A Chorus Line)

A Strange Loop

Boundaries (from A Strange Loop)

Didn't Want Nothin' (from A Strange Loop)

Didn't Want Nothin' Reprise (from A Strange Loop)

Exile In Gayville (from A Strange Loop)

Inner White Girl (from A Strange Loop)

Intermission Song Intro (from A Strange Loop)

Intermission Song (from A Strange Loop)

Inwood Daddy (from A Strange Loop)

Memory Song (from A Strange Loop)

Periodically (from A Strange Loop)

Precious Little Dream / AIDS Is God's Punishment (from A Strange Loop)

Second Wave (from A Strange Loop)

Sympathetic Ear (from A Strange Loop)

Today (from A Strange Loop)

Tyler Perry Writes Real Life (from A Strange Loop)

We Wanna Know (from A Strange Loop)

Writing A Gospel Play (from A Strange Loop)

Addams Family

Addams Family Theme (From The Addams Family Musical)

Crazier Than You (From The Addams Family Musical)

Happy / Sad (From The Addams Family Musical)

In The Arms (From The Addams Family Musical)

Just Around The Corner (From The Addams Family Musical)

Let's Not Talk About Anything Else But Love (From The Addams Family Musical)

Live Before We Die (From The Addams Family Musical)

Moon And Me (From The Addams Family Musical)

Morticia (From The Addams Family Musical)

One Normal Night (From The Addams Family Musical)

Pulled (from The Addams Family Musical)

Waiting (From The Addams Family Musical)

What If (From The Addams Family Musical)

When You're An Addams (From The Addams Family Musical)


Easy As Life (From Aida)

Elaborate Lives (From Aida)

Fortune Favors The Brave (from Aida)

My Strongest Suit (from Aida)

Radames' Letter (From Aida)

The Past Is Another Land (from Aida)

Written In The Stars (from Aida)


Arabian Nights (from Aladdin: The Broadway Musical)

Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim (from Aladdin: The Broadway Musical)

Diamond In The Rough (from Aladdin: The Broadway Musical)

Friend Like Me (from Aladdin: The Broadway Musical)

High Adventure (from Aladdin: The Broadway Musical)

A Million Miles Away (from Aladdin: The Broadway Musical)

One Jump Ahead (from Aladdin: The Broadway Musical)

Prince Ali (from Aladdin: The Broadway Musical)

Proud Of Your Boy (from Aladdin: The Broadway Musical)

Somebody's Got Your Back (from Aladdin: The Broadway Musical)

These Palace Walls (from Aladdin: The Broadway Musical)

A Whole New World (from

Amerikan Psycho

A Girl Before (From Amerikan Psycho)

At The End Of An Island (From Amerikan Psycho)

Cards (From Amerikan Psycho)

I Am Back (From Amerikan Psycho)

If We Get Married (From Amerikan Psycho)

Killing Time (From Amerikan Psycho)

Killing Time 2.0 (From Amerikan Psycho)

Mistletoe Alert (From Amerikan Psycho)

Nice Thought (From Amerikan Psycho)

Selling Out (Fischer King Remix) (From Amerikan Psycho)

This Is Not An Exit (From Amerikan Psycho)

You Are What You Wear (From Amerikan Psycho)


Annie (from Annie)

Easy Street (from Annie)

I Don't Need Anything But You (from Annie)

It's The Hard-Knock Life (from Annie)

Little Girls (from Annie)

Maybe (from Annie)

N.Y.C. (from Annie)

A New Deal For Christmas Charles Strouse (from Annie)

Something Was Missing (from Annie)

Tomorrow (from Annie)

You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile (from Annie)

Avenue Q

Avenue Q Theme (from Avenue Q)

Everyone's A Little Bit Racist (from Avenue Q)

Fantasies Come True (from Avenue Q)

For Now (from Avenue Q)

I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today (from Avenue Q)

If You Were Gay (from Avenue Q)

The Internet Is For Porn (from Avenue Q)

It Sucks To Be Me (from Avenue Q)

Mix Tape (from Avenue Q)

The Money Song (from Avenue Q)

The More You Ruv Someone (from Avenue Q)

My Girlfriend, Who Lives In Canada (from Avenue Q)

Purpose (from Avenue Q)

Schadenfreude (from Avenue Q)

Special (from Avenue Q)

There Is Life Outside Your Apartment (from Avenue Q)

What Do You Do With A B.A. In English (from Avenue Q)

You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want (When You're Makin' Love) (from Avenue Q)

Beauty and the Beast

Aria (from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical)

As Long As There's Christmas (from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical)

Be Our Guest (from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical)

Beauty And The Beast (from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical)

Belle (from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical)

Change In Me (from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical)

Days In The Sun (from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical)

Evermore (from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical)

Gaston (from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical)

Home (from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical)

How Does A Moment Last Forever (from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical)

If I Can't Love Her (from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical)

Mob Song (from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical)

No Matter What (from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical)

Something There (from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical)

Theme from Beauty And The Beast


Barbara 2.0 (from Beetlejuice The Musical)

Creepy Old Guy (from Beetlejuice The Musical)

Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) (from Beetlejuice The Musical) (arr. Kris Kulul)

Dead Mom (from Beetlejuice The Musical)

Fright Of Their Lives (from Beetlejuice The Musical)

Girl Scout (from Beetlejuice The Musical)

No Reason (from Beetlejuice The Musical)

Prologue: Invisible (from Beetlejuice The Musical)

Ready, Set, Not Yet (from Beetlejuice The Musical)

Say My Name (from Beetlejuice The Musical)

That Beautiful Sound (from Beetlejuice The Musical)

What I Know Now (from Beetlejuice The Musical)

The Whole "Being Dead" Thing (from Beetlejuice The Musical)

Be More Chill

A Guy That I'd Kinda Be Into (from Be More Chill)

Be More Chill / Do You Wanna Ride? (from Be More Chill)

Halloween (from Be More Chill)

I Love Play Rehearsal (from Be More Chill)

Jeremy's Theme (from Be More Chill)

Loser Geek Whatever (from Be More Chill)

Michael In The Bathroom (from Be More Chill)

More Than Survive (from Be More Chill)

The Pants Song (from Be More Chill)

The Pitiful Children (from Be More Chill)

The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set A Fire) (from Be More Chill)

The Squip Song (from Be More Chill)

Two-Player Game (from Be More Chill)

Upgrade (from Be More Chill)

Voices In My Head (from Be More Chill)

Book of Mormon

All-American Prophet (The Book of Mormon)

Baptize Me (The Book of Mormon)

Hasa Diga Eebowai (The Book of Mormon)

Hello! (The Book of Mormon)

I Am Africa (The Book of Mormon)

I Am Here For You (The Book of Mormon)

I Believe (The Book of Mormon)

Joseph Smith American Moses (The Book of Mormon)

Making Things Up Again (The Book of Mormon)

Man Up (The Book of Mormon)

Sal Tlay Ka Siti (The Book of Mormon)

Spooky Mormon Hell Dream (The Book of Mormon)

Tomorrow Is A Latter Day (The Book of Mormon)

Turn It Off (The Book of Mormon)

Two By Two (The Book of Mormon)

You And Me (But Mostly Me) (The Book of Mormon)

Calendar Girls

Dare (from Calendar Girls the Musical)

Hello Yorkshire, I'm A Virgin (from Calendar Girls the Musical)

Kilimanjaro (from Calendar Girls the Musical)

My Russian Friend And I (from Calendar Girls the Musical)

Protect Me Less (from Calendar Girls the Musical)

Scarborough (from Calendar Girls the Musical)

So I've Had A Little Work Done (from Calendar Girls the Musical)

Sunflower (from Calendar Girls the Musical)

Very Slightly Almost (from Calendar Girls the Musical)

What Age Expects (from Calendar Girls the Musical)

Who Wants A Silent Night? (from Calendar Girls the Musical)

Yorkshire (from Calendar Girls the Musical)


Grizabella: The Glamour Cat (from Cats)

Gus: The Theatre Cat (from Cats)

Journey To The Heavyside Layer (from Cats)

Macavity: The Mystery Cat (from Cats)

Memory (from Cats)

Mr. Mistoffelees (from Cats)

Old Deuteronomy (from Cats)

Old Gumbie Cat (from Cats)

Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat (from Cats)


Anthem (from Chess)

Embassy Lament (from Chess)

I Know Him So Well (from Chess)

Merano (from Chess)

Mountain Duet (from Chess)

One Night In Bangkok (from Chess)

Pity The Child (from Chess)

Quartet (A Model Of Decorum And Tranquillity) (from Chess)

Where I Want To Be (from Chess)

You And I (from Chess)


All I Care About (From Chicago)

And All That Jazz (From Chicago)

Class (From Chicago)

Funny Honey (From Chicago)

Mister Cellophane (From Chicago)

Razzle Dazzle (From Chicago)

When You're Good To Mama (From Chicago)


Bad Cinderella (from Cinderella the Musical)

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (from Cinderella the Musical)

Boys And Girls Like You And Me (from Cinderella the Musical)

Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful? (from Cinderella the Musical)

Don't Know What You Got (from Cinderella the Musical)

Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (from Cinderella the Musical)

Falling In Love With Love (from Cinderella the Musical)

Far Too Late (from Cinderella the Musical)

Gavotte (from Cinderella the Musical)

He Was Tall (from Cinderella the Musical)

I Know I Have A Heart (from Cinderella the Musical)

Impossible (from Cinderella the Musical)

In My Own Little Corner (from Cinderella the Musical)

Loneliness Of Evening (from Cinderella the Musical)

Lovely Night (from Cinderella the Musical)

Me, Who Am I? (from Cinderella the Musical)

Only You, Lonely You (from Cinderella the Musical)

Prince Is Giving A Ball (from Cinderella the Musical)

Prologue (from Cinderella the Musical)

So This Is Love (from Cinderella the Musical)

Stepsisters' Lament (from Cinderella the Musical)

The Sweetest Sound (from Cinderella the Musical)

Ten Minutes Ago (from Cinderella the Musical)

There's Music In You (from Cinderella the Musical)

When You're Driving Through The Moonlight (from Cinderella the Musical)

Work Song (from Cinderella the Musical)

Damn Yankees

The Game (From a Damn Yankees)

Goodbye, Old Girl (From a Damn Yankees)

Heart (From a Damn Yankees)

A Little Brains, A Little Talent (From Damn Yankees)

Near To You (From Damn Yankees)

Shoeless Joe From Hannibal, Mo. (From Damn Yankees)

Six Months Out Of The Year (From Damn Yankees)

Those Were The Good Old Days! (From Damn Yankees)

Who's Got The Pain? (From Damn Yankees)

Dear Evan Hansen

For Forever (from Dear Evan Hansen)

Hiding In Your Hands (from Dear Evan Hansen)

In The Bedroom Down The Hall (from Dear Evan Hansen)

Obvious (from Dear Evan Hansen)

Part Of Me (from Dear Evan Hansen)

Waving Through A Window (from Dear Evan Hansen)

You Will Be Found (from Dear Evan Hansen)


And The Money Kept Rolling In (And Out) (from Evita)

Another Suitcase In Another Hall (from Evita)

Buenos Aires (from Evita)

Don't Cry For Me Argentina (from Evita)

Eva Beware Of The City (from Evita)

High Flying, Adored (from Evita)

I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You (from Evita)

Rainbow High (from Evita)

She Is A Diamond (from Evita)

Waltz For Eva And Che (from Evita)

You Must Love Me (from Evita)

Finding Neverland

All That Matters (From Finding Neverland)

Believe (From Finding Neverland)

Circus Of Your Mind (From Finding Neverland)

If The World Turned Upside Down (From Finding Neverland)

Live By The Hook (From Finding Neverland)

Stronger (From Finding Neverland)

Sylvia's Lullaby (From Finding Neverland)

We Own The Night (From Finding Neverland)

We're All Made Of Stars (From Finding Neverland)

What You Mean To Me (From Finding Neverland)

World Is Upside Down (From Finding Neverland)

All Of London Is Here Tonight (From Finding Neverland)


Colder By The Minute (from Frozen: The Broadway Musical)

Dangerous To Dream (from Frozen: the Broadway Musical)

Do You Want To Build A Snowman? (from Frozen: The Broadway Musical)

Fixer Upper (from Frozen: The Broadway Musical)

For The First Time In Forever (from Frozen: The Broadway Musical)

Hans Of The Southern Isles (Reprise) (from Frozen: The Broadway Musical)

Hygge (from Frozen: The Broadway Musical)

In Summer (from Frozen: The Broadway Musical)

Kristoff Lullaby (from Frozen: The Broadway Musical)

Let It Go (from Frozen: The Broadway Musical)

Little Bit Of You (from Frozen: The Broadway Musical)

Love Is An Open Door (from Frozen: The Broadway Musical)

Monster (from Frozen: The Broadway Musical)

True Love (from Frozen: The Broadway Musical)

What Do You Know About Love? (from Frozen: the Broadway Musical)


Are You A Believer? (From Ghost the Musical)

Here Right Now (From Ghost the Musical)

I'm Outta Here (From Ghost the Musical)

Life Turns On A Dime (From Ghost the Musical)

More (From Ghost the Musical)

Nothing Stops Another Day (From Ghost the Musical)

Talkin' 'Bout A Miracle (From Ghost the Musical)

Three Little Words (From Ghost the Musical)

Unchained Melody (From Ghost the Musical)

With You (From Ghost the Musical)

You Gotta Let Go Now (From Ghost the Musical)

Grand Hotel

At The Grand Hotel (from Grand Hotel: The Musical)

Bonjour Amour (from Grand Hotel: The Musical)

Grand Parade (from Grand Hotel: The Musical)

Love Can't Happen (from Grand Hotel: The Musical)

Roses At The Station (from Grand Hotel: The Musical)


Beauty School Dropout (from Grease)

Born To Hand Jive (from Grease)

Freddy, My Love (from Grease)

Grease (from Grease)

Greased Lightnin' (from Grease)

Hopelessly Devoted To You (from Grease)

It's Raining On Prom Night (from Grease)

Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee (from Grease)

Rock 'N' Roll Party Queen (from Grease)

Sandy (from Grease)

Summer Nights (from Grease)

Those Magic Changes (from Grease)

We Go Together (from Grease)

You're The One That I Want (from Grease)

Groundhog Day

Everything About You (from Groundhog Day The Musical)

Hope (from Groundhog Day The Musical)

If I Had My Time Again (from Groundhog Day The Musical)

Night Will Come (from Groundhog Day The Musical)

Nobody Cares (from Groundhog Day The Musical)

One Day (from Groundhog Day The Musical)

Overture (from Groundhog Day The Musical)

Playing Nancy (from Groundhog Day The Musical)

Punxsutawney Phil (from Groundhog Day The Musical)

Rita's Diary (from Groundhog Day The Musical)

Seeing You (from Groundhog Day The Musical)

Small Town USA [Day One] (from Groundhog Day The Musical)

Stuck (from Groundhog Day The Musical)

There Will Be Sun (from Groundhog Day The Musical)

'Guys and Dolls'

Adelaide's Lament (from 'Guys and Dolls')

I'll Know (from 'Guys and Dolls')

I've Never Been In Love Before (from 'Guys and Dolls')

Luck Be A Lady (from 'Guys and Dolls')

More I Cannot Wish You (from 'Guys and Dolls')

My Time Of Day (from 'Guys and Dolls')

Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat (from 'Guys and Dolls')

Sue Me (from 'Guys and Dolls')

Take Back Your Mink (from 'Guys and Dolls')


Good Morning Starshine (From Hair)

Aquarius (From Hair)

Let The Sunshine In (From Hair)

Hair (From Hair)

I Got Life (From Hair)


Big, Blonde And Beautiful (from Hairspray)

Good Morning Baltimore (from Hairspray)

Hairspray (from Hairspray)

I Can Hear The Bells (from Hairspray)

I Know Where I've Been (from Hairspray)

It Takes Two (from Hairspray)

Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now (from Hairspray)

The Nicest Kids In Town (from Hairspray)

Run And Tell That (from Hairspray)

Timeless To Me (from Hairspray)

Welcome To The 60's (from Hairspray)

Without Love (from Hairspray)

You Can't Stop The Beat Marc Shaiman


Alexander Hamilton (from Hamilton)

Best Of Wives And Best Of Women (from Hamilton)

Burn (from Hamilton)

Dear Theodosia (from Hamilton)

Guns And Ships (from Hamilton)

Helpless (from Hamilton)

History Has Its Eyes On You (from Hamilton)

Hurricane (from Hamilton)

I Know Him (from Hamilton)

It's Quiet Uptown (from Hamilton)

My Shot (from Hamilton

One Last Time (from Hamilton)

The Room Where It Happens (from Hamilton)

Satisfied (from Hamilton)

Say No To This (from Hamilton)

The Schuyler Sisters (from Hamilton)

The Story Of Tonight (from Hamilton)

That Would Be Enough (from Hamilton)

Wait For It (from Hamilton)

Washington On Your Side (from Hamilton)

What'd I Miss (from Hamilton)

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story (from Hamilton)

Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) (from Hamilton)

You'll Be Back (from Hamilton)

Hello, Dolly!

Hello, Dolly! (from Hello, Dolly!)

Put On Your Sunday Clothes (from Hello, Dolly!)

Before The Parade Passes By (from Hello, Dolly!)

Ribbons Down My Back (from Hello, Dolly!)

It Takes A Woman (from Hello, Dolly!)

So Long, Dearie (from Hello, Dolly!)

Elegance (from Hello, Dolly!)

I Put My Hand In (from Hello, Dolly!)

Dancing (from Hello, Dolly!)

Motherhood March (from Hello, Dolly!)

In The Heights

96,000 (from In The Heights: The Musical)

Breathe (from In The Heights: The Musical)

Enough (from In The Heights: The Musical)

Everything I Know (from In The Heights: The Musical)

Hundreds Of Stories (from In The Heights: The Musical)

In The Heights (from In The Heights: The Musical)

Inutil (from In The Heights: The Musical)

It Won't Be Long Now (from In The Heights: The Musical)

No Me Diga (from In The Heights: The Musical)

Paciencia Y Fe (from In The Heights: The Musical)

Sunrise (from In The Heights: The Musical)

When The Sun Goes Down (from In The Heights: The Musical)

When You're Home (from In The Heights: The Musical)

Into The Woods

Any Moment - Part I (from Into The Woods)

Children Will Listen (from Into The Woods)

Giants In The Sky (from Into The Woods)

I Know Things Now (from Into The Woods)

Into The Woods (From Into The Woods)

Moments In The Woods (from Into The Woods)

No More (from Into The Woods)

No One Is Alone (from Into The Woods)

No One Is Alone - Part I (from Into The Woods)

On The Steps Of The Palace (from Into The Woods)

Stay With Me (from Into The Woods)

Your Fault (from Into The Woods)

Jersey Boys

Big Girls Don't Cry (from Jersey Boys)

C'mon Marianne (from Jersey Boys)

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (from Jersey Boys)

December 1963 (Oh, What A Night) (from Jersey Boys)

Opus 17 (Don't Worry 'Bout Me) (from Jersey Boys)

Rag Doll (from Jersey Boys)

Walk Like A Man (from Jersey Boys)

Who Loves You (from Jersey Boys)

Working My Way Back To You (from Jersey Boys)

Jesus Christ Superstar

Could We Start Again Please? (from Jesus Christ Superstar)

Everything's Alright (from Jesus Christ Superstar)

Heaven On Their Minds (from Jesus Christ Superstar)

Hosanna (from Jesus Christ Superstar)

I Don't Know How To Love Him (from Jesus Christ Superstar)

I Only Want To Say (from Jesus Christ Superstar)

Last Supper (from Jesus Christ Superstar)

Pilate And Christ (from Jesus Christ Superstar)

Pilate's Dream (from Jesus Christ Superstar)

Superstar (from Jesus Christ Superstar)

What's The Buzz (from Jesus Christ Superstar)

Legally Blonde

Bend And Snap Legally Blonde The Musical

Ireland Legally Blonde The Musical

Legally Blonde Legally Blonde The Musical

Legally Blonde Remix Legally Blonde The Musical

Omigod You Guys Legally Blonde The Musical

Positive Legally Blonde The Musical

Serious Legally Blonde The Musical

So Much Better Legally Blonde The Musical

Take It Like A Man Legally Blonde The Musical

There! Right There! Legally Blonde The Musical

What You Want Legally Blonde The Musical

Whipped Into Shape Legally Blonde The Musical

Les Miserables

At The End Of The Day (from Les Miserables)

Bring Him Home (from Les Miserables)

Castle On A Cloud (from Les Miserables)

Come To Me (Fantine's Death) (from Les Miserables)

Do You Hear The People Sing? (from Les Miserables)

Drink With Me (To Days Gone By) (from Les Miserables)

mpty Chairs At Empty Tables (from Les Miserables)

Heart Full Of Love (from Les Miserables)

I Dreamed A Dream (from Les Miserables)

I Have A Crime To Declare (from Les Miserables)

In My Life (from Les Miserables)

Little Fall Of Rain (from Les Miserables)

Little People (from Les Miserables)

Look Down (from Les Miserables)

Lovely Ladies (from Les Miserables)

Master Of The House (from Les Miserables)

On My Own (from Les Miserables)

Red And Black (from Les Miserables)

Stars (from Les Miserables)

Suddenly (from Les Miserables)

The Thénardier Waltz Of Treachery (from Les Miserables)

What Have I Done (from Les Miserables)

Who Am I? (from Les Miserables)

The Lion King

Be Prepared (from The Lion King: Broadway Musical)

Can You Feel The Love Tonight (from The Lion King: Broadway Musical)

Chow Down (from The Lion King: Broadway Musical)

Circle Of Life (from The Lion King: Broadway Musical)

Endless Night (from The Lion King: Broadway Musical)

Hakuna Matata (from The Lion King: Broadway Musical)

He Lives In You (Reprise) (from The Lion King: Broadway Musical)

I Just Can't Wait To Be King (from The Lion King: Broadway Musical)

King Of Pride Rock (from The Lion King: Broadway Musical)

Madness Of King Scar (from The Lion King: Broadway Musical)

Morning Report (from The Lion King: Broadway Musical)

Nants' Ingonyama (Stage Version) (from The Lion King: Broadway Musical)

Shadowland (from The Lion King: Broadway Musical)

They Live In You (from The Lion King: Broadway Musical)

Little Shop of Horrors

Call Back In The Morning (from Little Shop of Horrors)

Closed For Renovation (from Little Shop of Horrors)

Da Doo (from Little Shop of Horrors)

Dentist! (from Little Shop of Horrors)

Feed Me (from Little Shop of Horrors)

Finale (Don't Feed The Plants) (from Little Shop of Horrors)

Grow For Me (from Little Shop of Horrors)

Mean Green Mother From Outer Space (from Little Shop of Horrors)

Prologue (from Little Shop Of Horrors)

Skid Row (Downtown) (from Little Shop of Horrors)

Somewhere That's Green (from Little Shop of Horrors)

Suddenly Seymour (from Little Shop of Horrors)

Suppertime (from Little Shop of Horrors)

Love Never Dies

'Til I Hear You Sing (from Love Never Dies)

Look With Your Heart (from Love Never Dies)

Once Upon Another Time (from Love Never Dies)

Beneath A Moonless Sky (from Love Never Dies)

Why Does She Love Me? (from Love Never Dies)

The Beauty Underneath (from Love Never Dies)

Devil Take The Hindmost (from Love Never Dies)

Dear Old Friend (from Love Never Dies)

Bathing Beauty (from Love Never Dies)

Only For Him/Only For You (from Love Never Dies)

A Little Slice Of Heaven By The Sea (from Love Never Dies)

Mama Mia

I Have A Dream (From Mamma Mia)

Honey, Honey (From Mamma Mia)

Money, Money, Money (From Mamma Mia)

Thank You For The Music (From Mamma Mia)

Mamma Mia (From Mamma Mia)

Chiquitita (From Mamma Mia)

Dancing Queen (From Mamma Mia)

Lay All Your Love On Me (From Mamma Mia)

Super Trouper (From Mamma Mia)

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (From Mamma Mia)

The Name Of The Game (From Mamma Mia)

Voulez Vous (From Mamma Mia)

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (From Mamma Mia)

Mary Poppins

Anything Can Happen (from Mary Poppins)

Being Mrs. Banks (Parts 1 and 2) (from Mary Poppins)

Brimstone & Treacle Part 1 (from Mary Poppins)

Brimstone & Treacle Part 2 (from Mary Poppins)

Cherry Tree Lane (from Mary Poppins)

Chim Chim Cher-ee (from Mary Poppins)

Feed The Birds (from Mary Poppins)

Jolly Holiday (from Mary Poppins)

Let's Go Fly A Kite (from Mary Poppins)

Man Has Dreams (from Mary Poppins)

Perfect Nanny (from Mary Poppins)

Practically Perfect (from Mary Poppins)

Prologue / Chim Chim Cher-ee (from Mary Poppins)

Spoonful Of Sugar (from Mary Poppins)

Step In Time (from Mary Poppins)

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (from Mary Poppins)

Temper, Temper (from Mary Poppins)


Bruce ('From Matilda The Musical')

The Hammer ('From Matilda The Musical')

I'm Here (From 'Matilda The Musical')

Loud ('From Matilda The Musical')

Miracle (from 'Matilda The Musical')

My House (from Matilda the Musical)

Naughty (From 'Matilda The Musical')

Pathetic ('From Matilda The Musical')

Quiet ('From Matilda The Musical')

Revolting Children ('From Matilda The Musical')

School Song (From 'Matilda The Musical')

The Smell Of Rebellion ('Form Matilda The Musical')

Telly ('From Matilda The Musical')

This Little Girl ('From Matilda The Musical')

When I Grow Up ('From Matilda The Musical')

When I Grow Up (Reprise) ('From Matilda The Musical')

Mean Girls

Apex Predator (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

A Cautionary Tale (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

Fearless (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

I See Stars (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

I'd Rather Be Me (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

It Roars (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

Meet The Plastics (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

More Is Better (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

Revenge Party (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

Sexy (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

Someone Gets Hurt (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

Stop [Solo version] (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

Stop (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

Stupid With Love (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

What's Wrong With Me? (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

Where Do You Belong? (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

World Burn (Solo Version) (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

World Burn (from Mean Girls: The Broadway Musical)

Miss Saigon

American Dream (from Miss Saigon)

Bui-Doi (from Miss Saigon)

Heat Is On In Saigon (from Miss Saigon)

I Still Believe (from Miss Saigon)

I'd Give My Life For You (from Miss Saigon)

If You Want To Die In Bed (from Miss Saigon)

Last Night Of The World (from Miss Saigon)

Maybe (from Miss Saigon)

Movie In My Mind (from Miss Saigon)

Sun And Moon (from Miss Saigon)

Too Much For One Heart (from Miss Saigon)

Monty Python's Spamalot

All For One (from Monty Python's Spamalot)

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (from Monty Python's Spamalot)

Brave Sir Robin (from Monty Python's Spamalot)

Come With Me (from Monty Python's Spamalot)

Find Your Grail (from Monty Python's Spamalot)

He Is Not Dead Yet (from Monty Python's Spamalot)

His Name Is Lancelot (from Monty Python's Spamalot)

I'm All Alone (from Monty Python's Spamalot)

King Arthur's Song (from Monty Python's Spamalot)

Knights Of The Round Table (from Monty Python's Spamalot)

Knights Of The Round Table (from Monty Python's Spamalot)

Run Away! (from Monty Python's Spamalot)

The Song That Goes Like This (from Monty Python's Spamalot)

Whatever Happened To My Part? (from Monty Python's Spamalot)

You Won't Succeed On Broadway (from Monty Python's Spamalot)

The Music Man

Gary, Indiana (from The music man The Musical)

Lida Rose (from The music man The Musical)

Seventy Six Trombones (from The music man The Musical)

Till There Was You (from The music man The Musical)

My Fair Lady

Get Me To The Church On Time (from My Fair Lady)

I Could Have Danced All Night (from My Fair Lady)

I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face (from My Fair Lady)

On The Street Where You Live (from My Fair Lady)

With A Little Bit Of Luck (from My Fair Lady)

Wouldn't It Be Loverly (from My Fair Lady)


I Never Planned On You/Don't Come A-Knocking (From Newsies)

King Of New York (from Newsies)

Santa Fe (from Newsies)

Seize The Day (from Newsies)

Watch What Happens (from Newsies)


As Long As He Needs Me (from Oliver!)

Consider Yourself (from Oliver!)

Food, Glorious Food (from Oliver)

I'd Do Anything (from Oliver!)

It's A Fine Life (from Oliver!)

Oliver! (from Oliver!)

Where Is Love? (from Oliver!)

Who Will Buy (from Oliver!)

On The Twentieth Century

Five Zeros (from On The Twentieth Century)

I've Got It All (from On The Twentieth Century)

Legacy (from On The Twentieth Century)

Life Is Like A Train (from On The Twentieth Century)

Mine (from On The Twentieth Century)

Our Private World (from On The Twentieth Century)

Repent (from On The Twentieth Century)

She's A Nut (from On The Twentieth Century)

Together (from On The Twentieth Century)

Veronique (from On The Twentieth Century)

The Pajama Game

Hey There (From The Pajama Game)

I'll Never Be Jealous Again (From The Pajama Game)

I'm Not At All In Love (From The Pajama Game)

Once-A-Year-Day (From The Pajama Game)

Seven-And-A-Half Cents (From The Pajama Game)

Small Talk (From The Pajama Game)

Steam Heat (From The Pajama Game)

There Once Was A Man (From The Pajama Game)

The Phantom Of The Opera

All I Ask Of You (from The Phantom Of The Opera)

Angel Of Music (from The Phantom Of The Opera)

Masquerade (from The Phantom Of The Opera)

Music Of The Night (from The Phantom Of The Opera)

Point Of No Return (from The Phantom Of The Opera)

Think Of Me (from The Phantom Of The Opera)

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (from The Phantom Of The Opera)

The Pirate Queen

Boys'll Be Boys (from The Pirate Queen)

Day Beyond Belclare (from The Pirate Queen)

Here On This Night (from The Pirate Queen)

I Dismiss You (from The Pirate Queen)

I'll Be There (from The Pirate Queen)

If I Said I Loved You (from The Pirate Queen)

Sail To The Stars (from The Pirate Queen)

The Role Of The Queen (from The Pirate Queen)

The Sea Of Life (from The Pirate Queen)

The Wedding (from The Pirate Queen)

Woman (from The Pirate Queen)

Pretty Woman

Anywhere But Here (from Pretty Woman: The Musical)

Don't Forget To Dance (from Pretty Woman: The Musical)

Freedom (from Pretty Woman: The Musical)

I Can't Go Back (from Pretty Woman: The Musical)

Long Way Home (from Pretty Woman: The Musical)

Never Give Up On A Dream (from Pretty Woman: The Musical)

On A Night Like Tonight (from Pretty Woman: The Musical)

Rodeo Drive (from Pretty Woman: The Musical)

Something About Her (from Pretty Woman: The Musical)

This Is My Life (from Pretty Woman: The Musical)

Together Forever (from Pretty Woman: The Musical)

Welcome To Hollywood (from Pretty Woman: The Musical)

You And I (from Pretty Woman: The Musical)

You're Beautiful (from Pretty Woman: The Musical)

The Producers

'Til Him (from The Producers)

Along Came Bialy (From The producers)

Betrayed (From The producers)

Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop (From The producers)

Goodbye! (From The producers)

Have You Ever Heard The German Band? (From The producers)

The Hop Clop Goes On (From The producers)

I Wanna Be A Producer (from The Producers)

Keep It Gay (From The producers)

The King Of Broadway (From The producers)

Opening Night (From The producers)

Prisoners Of Love (Leo & Max) (From The producers)

Springtime For Hitler (From The producers)

That Face (From The producers)

There's Nothing Like A Show On Broadway (From The producers)

We Can Do It (From The producers)

When You Got It, Flaunt It (From The producers)

You Never Say Good Luck On Opening Night (From The producers)

You'll Find Your Happiness In Rio (From The producers)


La Vie Boheme (From Rent)

Light My Candle (From Rent)

Love Heals (From Rent)

One Song Glory (From Rent)

Rent (From Rent)

Seasons Of Love (From Rent)

Tango: Maureen (From Rent)

Will I? (From Rent)

You'll See (From Rent)

Singin' In The Rain

Beautiful Girl (from Singin' In The Rain)

Fit As A Fiddle (from 'Singin' In The Rain')

Good Morning (from Singin' In The Rain)

Singin' In The Rain (From Singin' In The Rain)


All You Wanna Do (from Six: The Musical) 

Don't Lose Ur Head (from Six: The Musical)

Ex-Wives (from Six: The Musical)

Get Down (from Six: The Musical)

Haus Of Holbein (from Six: The Musical)

Heart Of Stone (from Six: The Musical) 

I Don't Need Your Love (from Six: The Musical)

No Way (from Six: The Musical)

Six (from Six: The Musical)

The Sound of Music

Climb Ev'ry Mountain (from The Sound of Music)

Do-Re-Mi (from The Sound of Music)

Edelweiss (from The Sound of Music)

How Can Love Survive (from The Sound of Music)

I Have Confidence (from The Sound of Music)

Lonely Goatherd (from The Sound of Music)

Maria (from The Sound of Music)

My Favorite Things (from The Sound of Music)

Ordinary Couple (from The Sound of Music)

Sixteen Going On Seventeen (from The Sound of Music)

So Long, Farewell (from The Sound of Music)

Something Good (from The Sound of Music)

The Sound Of Music (from The Sound of Music)

Tuck Everlasting

Everlasting (from Tuck Everlasting)

Everything's Golden (from Tuck Everlasting)

Good Girl Winnie Foster (from Tuck Everlasting)

Hugo's First Case (from Tuck Everlasting)

Live Like This (from Tuck Everlasting)

My Most Beautiful Day (from Tuck Everlasting)

Partner In Crime (from Tuck Everlasting)

Seventeen (from Tuck Everlasting)

The Story Of The Tucks (from Tuck Everlasting)

Time (from Tuck Everlasting)

Top Of The World (from Tuck Everlasting)

Top Of The World (Solo Version) (from Tuck Everlasting)

The Wheel (from Tuck Everlasting)

You Can't Trust A Man (from Tuck Everlasting)

The Waitress

Bad Idea (from Waitress The Musical)

Everything Changes (from Waitress The Musical)

I Didn't Plan It (from Waitress The Musical)

It Only Takes A Taste (from Waitress The Musical)

Negative (from Waitress the Musical)

Never Ever Getting Rid Of Me (from Waitress The Musical)

Opening Up (from Waitress The Musical)

She Used To Be Mine (from Waitress The Musical)

Soft Place To Land (from Waitress The Musical)

Take It From An Old Man (from Waitress The Musical)

What Baking Can Do (from Waitress The Musical)

What's Inside (from Waitress The Musical)

When He Sees Me [Solo version] (from Waitress the Musical)

You Matter To Me (from Waitress The Musical)

You Will Still Be Mine (from Waitress The Musical)

West Side Story

America (from West Side Story)

Cool (from West Side Story)

Gee, Officer Krupke (from West Side Story)

I Feel Pretty (from West Side Story)

I Have A Love (from West Side Story)

Jet Song (from West Side Story)

Maria (from West Side Story)

One Hand, One Heart (from West Side Story)

Something's Coming (from West Side Story)

Somewhere (from West Side Story)

Tonight (from West Side Story)


As Long As You're Mine (from Wicked)

Dancing Through Life (from Wicked)

Defying Gravity (from Wicked)

For Good (from Wicked)

I Couldn't Be Happier (from Wicked)

I'm Not That Girl (from Wicked)

No Good Deed (from Wicked)

No One Mourns The Wicked (from Wicked)

One Short Day (from Wicked)

Popular (from Wicked)

What Is This Feeling? (from Wicked)

Wizard And I (from Wicked)

Wonderful (from Wicked)

Wizard of Oz

Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead (from 'The Wizard Of Oz')

If I Only Had A Brain (from 'The Wizard Of Oz')

If I Only Had A Heart (from 'The Wizard Of Oz')

If I Only Had The Nerve/We're Off To See The Wizard (from 'The Wizard Of Oz')

If I Were The King Of The Forest (from 'The Wizard Of Oz')

Lullaby League/Lollipop Guild/We Welcome You To Munchkinland (from 'The Wizard Of Oz')

Over The Rainbow (from The Wizard Of Oz)